My name is Markus Maschik and I was born and raised in Bavaria/Germany. My current hometown is Munich.


As a professional, I am deeply passioned about Sales and Marketing Management for the biggest and greatest companies on this planet. During my career, I had the pleasure of meeting so many great friends around the world, which gives me a great understanding of different cultures and perspectives. I am so thankful of working with and learning from the most skilled individuals ever, please stay in touch via LinkedIn.


In my personal life, my family keeps me grounded and is my source of energy, motivation and happiness. I am a proud husband to my wife Kora and father of my little daughter Kira. Love 'em both, and I am sure you will see them a lot on the blog and in the galleries.


Because Photography is what I do during leisure time. It's my source of creativity and inspiration. My focus lies on street photography. Documenting the human condition in a story telling, fun, and artistic way. Inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt and Thomas Hoepker - but still having my own style of capturing the present.


Enjoy the galleries, have a look at the blog, or send a mail. If you like to stay in touch follow me on Instagram and Twitter.



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